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Wherein we present the joys of Flexible Layouts.

The Flexible Layout system is designed to minimize the time you spend managing your windows. You can tailor panel layouts to meet the constraints of different computer screens or to optimize a common workflow. You can easily switch from one layout to another.

The Layout Vocabulary

Fiddle Menubar offers Fiddle-wide menu items including the layouts menu described below.

Drag Bar click and drag here to move the entire window

Panels contain views each of which has a tab. When more tabs are present than fit in the tab area, a menu appears that allows you to select the next active tab. One panel is the active panel meaning that new editor sessions may be created there. Panels are resized relative to each other via a panel drag-bar and can even be nested.

Tabs represent editing or viewing sessions and are associated with an activity. You can customize your layout by dragging tabs from one panel to another. You can even create new panels this way. You can also create a new tab in the active panel using the layouts menu in the App Menubar.

Tab cues:

Editor Session Menubars each session pane is associated with a particular task (eg Code Editing, Graph Editing, etc). Some sessions have their own menubars, others have custom controls and some have no controls at all.

Tailoring Your Layouts

Named Layouts enumerates your custom layouts and also lets you create new layouts or overwrite old ones. Remember to press enter/return when entering a new name to trigger the creation of a new layout.

Builtin Layouts enumerates the factory-provided layouts.

Add Panel allows you to create a new empty session in the active panel. Prior to adding a new panel make sure to select an active panel by clicking in the empty region of the panel where you'd like the new session to appear. If you forget to do this it's easy to move the newly minted session into a different panel.


This flexible layouts system is based on GoldenLayout.

Kudos to its creator and maintainers.

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