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Wherein we present this system of documentation.

Fiddle documentation is provided both online and directly integrated into Fiddle. When viewed within Fiddle, a set of special integration features increase information accessibility and deliver examples directly to your workspace.

If you are just starting with Fiddle we recommend you start with these docs by scanning the topics sections then jump straight to examples. Here we discuss some of the mechanical aspects of using the integrated documentation within the Fiddle runtime environment.

The Benefits of Integration

These additional befefits are available when viewing the docs from within Fiddle.

Interface Components

Point and Click to visit "other places". Hyperlinks are colored like this and take you to a different place, either within the page, within the documentation set, to a different documentation set or to an offsite location on the internet.

Use the Navigation Bar to visit the documentation set's primary sections. Fiddle's navbar is found floating above the top-right of the page, so we'll present the ChucK navbar here for reference:

The Section NavBar is available when you navigate to a section. Its contents is section-dependent. Fiddle's Interface section-navbar is present an the top of this page and scrolls with the page contents. It offers you a quick way to navigate between subsections.

The Search Field allows you to enter a search term. When you press Enter the search is conducted and links to results are presented in the Search Results area.

The Search Results region displays the results of your most recent search. This image shows the partial results of a search for the term 'MIDI'.

Click on any link to navigate to its page. Under most circumstances the keyword will be highlighted in the landing page. For example, the search for duration led to the example abcSequencer where we see the search term highlighted thus:

To hide the search results either click on close or press the Esc key.


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