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Wherein we present the thrills and spills of Coding.

Fiddle's Code Editor supports an integrated workflow for ChucK composition. You can edit multiple .ck, .abc, .yaml (or any-old text files) in the same Fiddle session and easily jump between them. The Code Editor has syntax coloring for common file types and supports multiple key-bindings including VSCode and Vim. You can launch .ck files directly from the Code Editor and preview .abc files in the same panel interactively.

The Basics

Open a file. Edit a File. Save a file.

Select. Copy. Paste.

Undo. Redo. Rinse. Repeat.

That says it all, no?

Special Features

ChucK It!

If you are editing a .ck file, right click in the text area reveals the ChucK It! menu. You can edit, then ChucK it!, listen to the results, then edit, then ChucK it! ad infinitum.

Remember that some .ck files have dependencies that may require preloaded ChucK runtime support. More details can be found here and here.

Abc Preview

If you are editing a .abc file, Cmd-or-Ctrl Shift P raises an abcjs viewer where:

And here's what it looks like:

More details can be found here.

Customized Coding

At right you can see a veritable cornucopia of configuration options. You can raise this subpanel via hotkeys Cmd-or-Ctrl , or from the Code Menubar. Rather than delve into the details for all of these options, we refer you to the [Ace website][https://ace.c9.io. Suffice it to say, where there's a programmer there are strong opinions about editor settings and we hope you can find your bliss from this collection.


Code Editor is built atop Ace.

abc support is provided by abcjs.

Kudos to the developers who created and maintain these open-source packages.

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