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Wherein we present example projects focused on Audio Effects

Note that most effects can optionally be housed/hidden in an effects chain within the Channel Node. For didactic reasons we leave them exposed in these examples.

Project Description
Mix, Gain, Pan A sound-plumber's helpers.
Stereo Effects Chains Do you dream in stereo?
ABSaturator (chugin) Soft clip saturating distortion.
Bitcrusher (chugin) Simple Bitcrusher distortion.
Chorus Chorus Effect.
Delay Various Delay lines.
DelayFB Digital delay with feedback.
Dyno Dynamics processor: compress, expand, limit, duck
Echo Echo effect.
ExpDelay (chugin) Exponential Echo
FoldbackSaturator (chugin) Feedback Distortion
GVerb (chugin) Smooth reverberator supporting long reverbs.
MDA Talkbox Vocoding for the masses.
Modulate Combines random and periodic modulations to give a nice, natural human modulation function..
Multicomb (chugin) Multiple simultaneous comb filters randomly chosen within a specified frequency range and spread across the stereo field.
NHHall (chugin) An open-source reberator (chugin).
Overdrive (chugin) Overdrive distortion (chugin).
PitShifter Dynamic pitch shifting
Reverb Various reverberators.
Spectral (chugin) Image-based spectral delay and EQ.
TALVocoder (VST3) VST3 filtering (requires that you install plugin).
WPDiodeLadder (chugin) Will Pirkle's virtual analog model of a diode ladder filter.
WPKorg35 (chugin) Will Pirkle's virtual analog model of the Korg 35 lowpass filter.
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