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dbsCOMICS and Fiddle are offered completely unlocked and free-of-charge. If you find our software useful and wish to encourage further development, please contribute. Your support is appreciated! And our tipjar is always open.


A Bag and Board - $1
A New Comic - $5
A Trade Paperback - $15
A Nice Comicbook - $50
A Prized Comicbook - $100
An Original Comic Page - $1000


A New Guitar Pick - $1
A Cup of Coffee - $5
A Digital Album - $10
A VST3 Plugin - $75
A Used Midi Controller - $100
A New Guitar - $1000

Paypal donations are effectively anonymous. We'd love to thank you for your kind donations! If you want to remain anonymous, that's cool. Otherwise, please share your thoughts by emailing:

support at cannerycoders.com