It's a Website

The feverish product of db's coronavirus quarantine, offers a streamlined interface to the awesome knowledge-base of the Grand Comics Database. You can search for your favorite comic character or artist and step through detailed descriptions for each issue.

It's an App!

While is a great way to explore all of comicdom, it doesn't offer features to organize and track that subset of comics that make your collection a deep expression of your inner child.

dbsCOMICS COLLECTOR is a desktop and mobile app that helps you keep track of your personal comic collection. It is tightly integrated with and yet can operate without access to the internet.

Please visit for more information.

Privacy Policy

In order to ensure a consistent level of service we may track your anonymous identifier information (IP address, phone UUID). Other information regarding your collection or website use patterns are stored in your own browsing environment and are inaccessible to us. We believe that your privacy is paramount and thus don't use any information we gather for any reason other than to deliver the services you request. We don't share any of the information we gather with third parties. This website doesn't rely on any cookies other than the ones we may eat during breaks from development.